Kitty Power…

Happy Sunday My Beauties!!!!! Rise of the Kitty initially was an idea that came into my head as I was browsing the internet.  As a woman, I know how hard it can be navigating the highways and byways of life, and I know how important sisterhood can be to one's success. In the beginning we feel... Continue Reading →

The Power of Your Dopeness…

Happy Wednesday my Beauties!!! Today I want to discuss with you the "power of your dopeness". We all have this inner light inside of us, that makes us unique, special, and not able to be duplicated.  Now don't get me wrong people will try to duplicate, maybe even attempt to steal that light, but trust...... Continue Reading →

Boujee vs Standards…

Happy Sunday My Beauties!!  Hope you all are enjoying your weekends thus far and are having a relaxing day! Today I want to talk about a question that seems to be raised quite often, which is "Are you boujee or do you just have standards?"   A lot of people try to classify being  boujee ... Continue Reading →

The Big “S”…

Happy Monday My Beauties!! It goes without saying....but... I hope all of you are having a blessed and productive start to your weeks!! Today I want to talk about the Big "S".  Now the Big S  can stand for many things, but in this instance, the Big S stands for Selfish.  If your upbringing was anything like mine, you... Continue Reading →

Hey Friend…

Good evening my beauties and Happy Tuesday!!!  I hope everyone is having an amazing week thus far!! So as I sat at my desk today at work and scrolled through my favorite social media sites, I came across some disheartening news. It was reported that Kate Spade who for some time has been one of... Continue Reading →

The Struggle…

Happy Sunday my beauties! I know it's been a long time and yes.... I have missed you too! 😉 So since we are family as we established, I want to talk with you guys about The Struggle.  Now some of you may be asking and wondering what struggle?  Those of us however, that are actually going through the... Continue Reading →

What’s the Vibe?..

As I listen to this particular song, the question runs across my mind how can someone be so electric and be so alone?  We all have to know that one person in our lives that is vibrant, exciting, intriguing, and just the life of the party! With that being said, they are also the person that... Continue Reading →

What’s the vibe?..

I want to talk with you guys today about ENERGY.  As of late there has been a lot of talk about "energy" and "vibes".  You will see instagram memes stating "good vibes only" or you may hear your favorite 2 Chainz track ask you "what's the vibe?" Let's not forget the speeches you may or may... Continue Reading →

What’s the vibe?..

This was a weekend where I had a lot of errands to run!  From Saturday Morning at 6 am to Sunday evening at 6 pm, its safe to say things have been non stop for me.  Something I can say that really helped with my productivity this weekend, was J Cole's KOD  album. All the people... Continue Reading →

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