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Happy Monday My Beauties!!! As usual, I hope you guys are enjoying your weeks thus far!

Today I want to talk with you guys about my current perfume faves.  There is nothing like an amazing scent that is also long lasting!

I would have to say my top fragrances at this time are Good Girl by Carolina Herrera and Mon Paris by Yves Saint Laurent.  Both fragrances to me have a “sweet scent” that last pretty much the whole day!

If you are one that likes a softer scent, then Good Girl is definitely a better choice in my opinion.


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If like myself you don’t mind a bit of a KICK and something a little more bold, Mon Paris  is definitely the baby for you!

mon paris

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Overall, both fragrances like I said, have a sweet long lasting  scent, and will definitely help you make a lasting impression!



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