Kitty Power…

Happy Sunday My Beauties!!!!!

Rise of the Kitty initially was an idea that came into my head as I was browsing the internet.  As a woman, I know how hard it can be navigating the highways and byways of life, and I know how important sisterhood can be to one’s success.

In the beginning we feel like we can manage everything on our own.  At least, I thought I could.  I felt like most independent, millennial, women; I can do this, I don’t need help.

The truth of it is, we all, whether female or male, need a foundation, a support system to travel our path with.  We all need to know there is someone in our corner rooting for us, there to support us, and provide a shoulder, when one is needed.

We as women also, are very powerful beings and have this inner strength within us that we can grab hold of when we feel like we have nothing left.  This my queens, is our kitty power!   As we “rise” and mature as women, our kitty power is what keeps us leveled, strong, grounded, and hungry.  Our kitty power  says we are more than conquerors, we are champions, and there is nothing we can’t do!

The moral of this story is, alone you are enough and because of that, we are even more powerful united.  When we bring our kitty powers together, and stand side by side, we form a strong foundation of sisterhood for one another, and are truly unstoppable beings!


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