Boujee vs Standards…

Happy Sunday My Beauties!!  Hope you all are enjoying your weekends thus far and are having a relaxing day!

Today I want to talk about a question that seems to be raised quite often, which is “Are you boujee or do you just have standards?”  

A lot of people try to classify being  boujee  as a negative thing, but I personally feel that being  boujee and having standards, are one in the same.

Let me explain why!

Being  boujee can be defined as one thinking “they are better than something or someone”.  Having standards can also mean that one feels that something or someone is not up to a certain standard they may be accustomed to.

Sounds like the same thing me!

I know for me I used to hate being called boujee.  I would always think to myself why would someone call me something so “negative”?  I’m caring, I’m giving, and I definitely don’t think I am better than anyone!

Because I associated this word with “negativity” and felt like it was a bad thing, I often would put myself in situations or around people, that simply were not aligned with where I was in life.

That I found, can be very hazardous to one’s well being, spirit, and to one’s….life!  Now I know you may say wow that’s pretty extreme, but if you think about it your crowd, your environment, your associations, all can essentially affect your mindset.  Once your mindset is affected, that can ultimately affect your productivity.  Once your productivity is affected that can cause you to be in a “stagnate place”!

It took life’s lessons, and maturity for me to realize that to properly elevate myself in life and protect my “chi”, I had to be selective about who and what I associated myself with.  If I graduated from a certain situation or “level”, I could not continue to engage in the same behaviors, or interact with the same kind of people.

This realization sometimes placed me in positions that were definitely out of my comfort zone, but more importantly this new mindset helped me to value myself more and put me first.

The bigger realization, however is, as we get older we have more to lose and when you have more to lose, you have more to protect!

So yes, I am boujee, I do have standards, and I have the right to choose what and who I surround myself with, in my life!


Tell me guys… what are your thoughts on this?


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