The Big “S”…

Happy Monday My Beauties!! It goes without saying….but… I hope all of you are having a blessed and productive start to your weeks!!

Today I want to talk about the Big “S”.  Now the Big S  can stand for many things, but in this instance, the Big S stands for Selfish.  If your upbringing was anything like mine, you were probably taught that being selfish is wrong, and you should always make yourself available to others.  You shouldnt put yourself first, and you should always give a helping hand; when you are able to do so.

In my mind the Big S  was always a Big Negative, which honestly, caused me to spend a lot of my life over extending myself to the point , where I would feel misused, disappointed, agitated, and just over all…DRAINED.

Giving or offering a part of yourself to someone in need, should never bring forth those type of feelings, especially when you are giving from a genuine place.  When you give however, from your “cup” , you have to first make sure your “cup” is full!

When you are still trying to establish yourself and come into your own, but are constantly giving to others, you are only causing your own “cup” to deplete fast.

We have to make it a priority first to invest in ourselves, build ourselves up, make sure we are “good”, before we can properly assist others.

How can I fully help you in any way, if I haven’t fully helped myself? How can I motivate you, if I can’t motivate myself?  How can I assist you financially, if financially I’m not where I need to be?

The word Selfish  has to become a positive word in our lives, and really mean Self-Love.  Protecting our energy and keeping ourselves leveled is a priority as we get older and experience life.  If we don’t, we can push ourselves to limits, that  may be difficult for us to come back from.

The moral to the story my friends is this, if we don’t invest in ourselves, but always make other’s and their betterment a priorty, we ultimately become a slave to them, and a priosner to ourselves!

What do you guys think?



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