Hey Friend…

Good evening my beauties and Happy Tuesday!!!  I hope everyone is having an amazing week thus far!!

So as I sat at my desk today at work and scrolled through my favorite social media sites, I came across some disheartening news.

It was reported that Kate Spade who for some time has been one of my favorite designers, had passed away today at the age of 55.  This news in itself was devastating but what was more hurtful to me about the news, was the cause of death was said to be suicide.

All I could think at that moment was “wow”.  Not “wow” someone “famous” had took their life, but “wow” another one.  Another one of our fellow sisters and brothers that felt alone, that felt abandoned, that felt isolated, that felt depressed, that felt un-loved, that felt that nothing would get better …was gone.

Every week, everyday, there is another person that leaves us and I wonder to myself Are we doing all we can?  Are we ignoring the signs?  Are we being that shoulder that is needed?

In no way shape or form is this to blame anyone, or make light of any situation, but I know for me I don’t ever want to feel that I was not there or not a support system to someone I care about; that needs that from me.

I try to make it a habit to be available to my friends and family, even if they just need someone to vent to.  I never want them to feel like they are in this thing called life….alone.  

I know we all have lives and responsibilities, but if I can even just send a text or give a quick call to say Hey Friend;  just so they know I am thinking of them.

Again, some people have serious mental illnesses that are not to be taken lightly and may need professional assistance as they go through their journey.

With that being said, I still believe even if that is the case, it never can hurt to let someone know they have a support system in you!

If I haven’t said it yet this week, I would love to say to you……HEY FRIEND!!

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