The Struggle…

Happy Sunday my beauties! I know it’s been a long time and yes…. I have missed you too! 😉

So since we are family as we established, I want to talk with you guys about The Struggle.  Now some of you may be asking and wondering what struggle?  Those of us however, that are actually going through the struggle know that I am referring to the “dating struggle”.

Sometimes I wonder when did the dating struggle actually begin.  Here is my moment of transparency; I am a single woman in my early thirties.  Throughout my life I have lived in two major cities with a variety of cultures and of course… men.

Let me reinstate variety and quantity have never been the issue of my dating woes.  I think the main issue in my opinion would be that we now live in an era that does not value building core relationships or building relationships at all!

Now I am in no way speaking of every man or every woman.  Nor am I speaking for them.  I am only speaking of my experiences and experiences that other women have discussed with me.

I think for one as women, we have this  set in stone timeline and biological clock that we feel we have to live by.  By the time college has finished we should have met “the man of our dreams”, fell in love, gotten engaged, and on our way to planning our dream wedding.  Then by our early thirties, we should have gotten married, already had a child or two, managed to land our dream job, and bought our first house.  Etc, etc.

If that’s not exactly your timeline, it may be something similar.  From when we are little girls we are conditioned to believe in this timeline, and when things don’t work out according to that particular schedule, we feel like we have “messed up”.

This also can drive us into a panic mode, and panic mode can lead us to sometimes entertaining situations and people,  we know are not what we are looking for!

I can admit that I have fell victim to “the timeline” and “panic mode”, and if you haven’t let me tell you it can result in you wasting your time and can bring a lot of unnecessary mess!

So what is our solution?  Our solution is simple; just LIVE!  Just live and let your life unfold!  Stop comparing yourself to others, or listening to SOCIETY’S OPINIONS OR STANDARDS!!!

What makes Meghan Markle’s story, for example, so inspiring to many is the fact that she is a woman who conquered and reigned all over society’s standards.  She didn’t marry her “prince charming” (we are talking a literal prince here!) at 23 but instead, 36!  And to top that off, this is her second marriage!  Society can often have the very narrow-minded view that women are “damaged goods” if their marriage has failed.  Yet again, however, we women continue to show them they are wrong!


*Photo courtesy of: Pinterest

Ultimately, Meghan’s story is a “diamond in the rough’s” fairytale, and is a living example that there is no rule book or timeline to this thing called life.

So what is our plan of action you ask???? Let’s just breathe, live, and enjoy!

I know it sounds easier said, than done, but we have to break the cycle!  We have to say “yes I thought I would be here… but I am here instead; and I embrace this!!”  We have to be comfortable, content, and accepting of the pace of our journey.

When I say “we” I definitely mean “me” too!  We are in this together family! 🙂


Tell me guys, what are some of your dating struggles?

How do you guys deal with them?



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