What’s the Vibe?..


As I listen to this particular song, the question runs across my mind how can someone be so electric and be so alone?  We all have to know that one person in our lives that is vibrant, exciting, intriguing, and just the life of the party!

With that being said, they are also the person that may be the “most consistently single” out of all of the people in your life.

I don’t know if this ever ran across your mind, but I definitely thought about it and wanted to know why?

How can one be so engaging, yet so isolated?  One may probably say it’s because they are used to being the “center of attention” so they become selfish when it comes to the needs of others.

One may also say that although they are very electric they may also have insecurities that block them from keeping meaningful relationships.

If that’s the case, what methods can they use to “break the cycle” and change their behavior?

Sure accountability definitely has to be in the equation, but is that it?

What do you guys think?

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