Summertime Fine…

Hello my beauties!!! Summer is finally near and I am excited ….to say the least!

I try to keep it chic and sexy all year round, but summer is definitely the season where I can really keep it spicy.

I love browsing instagram to check out the all the hot items at  my favorite stores.

Below are a few of my favorite online stores that  are helping me get summertime fine.

1- Iconbtq-  Iconbtq is one of my favorite online stores for swimwear.  They have very sexy bathing suits and the styles are pretty versatile.  They also have frequent promotions, where you can purchase swimsuits for as low as $10 each!   I mean really……how can you beat that?

Instagram: @Iconbtq

2- Lolashoetique- Lolashoetique hands down is the hottest online shoe store.  Their shoes will have you feeling sexy, confident and let’s not forget fierce!  They always have promotions as well, so you can easily shop one day and get anywhere from 15%- 30% off!  If you’re a shoe-oholic like I am, this may be the site for you.

Instagram: @lolashoetiqe

3-Fashionnova- What’s not to love about Fashionnova?! Their clothes are affordable, and accentuate every curve on your body!  Lets not forget the amazing fit of their jeans!!!  Their jeans’ fit is so perfect that even music artists are mentioning the brand in their songs.  Fashionnova definitely is a “one stop shop” for all things sexy, trendy and affordable.

Instragram: @Fashionnova

3-Forever 21- Anyone that knows me can vouch for me when I say Forever 21 is one of my favorite stores!   Their clothes have evolved so much over the last decade and we can’t turn a “blind eye”  towards the affordability!  You can easily pick up the majority of your summer wardrobe for under $100, when you partake in the Forever 21 experience.

Instagram: @forever21

4-Cxmilecollections-  On this particular site, you will find unique bathing suits that scream nothing but STYLE and will have you “dripping with finesse”!  I personally love the Fendi and Louis Vuitton logo print bathing suits.  They definitely have a 90s vibe to them and we all know at this point, how I love the 90s!

Instagram: @cxmilecollections

And there you have it!  Those are a few of my favorite online stores that help me keep it cute for summer and year round!

What stores do you guys love??

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