What’s the vibe?..

I want to talk with you guys today about ENERGY.  As of late there has been a lot of talk about “energy” and “vibes”.  You will see instagram memes stating “good vibes only” or you may hear your favorite 2 Chainz track ask you “what’s the vibe?”

Let’s not forget the speeches you may or may have not heard about “positive chi/positive energy”, and what you put out “in the universe” is what you will receive.

I am not even going to lie, I am one of those many people that believe the above.

First off, I believe everyone has an energy or vibe that they bring to the equation.  Their energy/vibe releases off waves that gravitate to you.  Depending on what type it is, will determine how you will react.  See ….simple!

Now, of course we don’t want anyone around us that is negative and we all hope to attract someone that has “positive energy”.   Okay, how do we do this??

We do this by making sure we are being positive ourselves!  I see it like this, if you don’t believe in you, who will?  If you don’t root for you, who will?  If you don’t think positive things about your life, how can positive things occur?

You have to set the EXAMPLE in your life first!!

When I was younger I would doubt myself at times.  I would play scenarios that hadn’t even occurred yet in my mind, and the outcome would always be negative.  I would “sike myself out” before I even tried!

By doing this I ultimately hindered myself from growing, maturing, and “spreading my wings”.  I would apply for jobs and wouldn’t get a call back.  I would ask myself well did I look okay?   Did I sound okay?

The number one problem was that I didn’t believe in me and I was speaking negativity over my own life!

I will also say that the company  “one keeps” is a major influence over their life as well.  When you hang around people that are negative or at a point in life where they are stagnant with no ambition, that can rub off on you!

When I realized the issues at hand, I decided to regroup, refocus, re-priotorize, and also isolate myself from things and people that brought negative vibes/energy into my life.

I also had to remove from my vocabulary words like  can’t and never.  Once your mindset begins to change the energy you “give off” will change for the better, and at that point you will begin to protect that energy at all costs, and let nothing or no one jeopardize it.

Overall, positive energy, positive vibes, and who/what you attract, will always begin with you!  You have to be proactive and constantly take the necessary steps to protect your mind, atmosphere and mood.

What helps you guys stay grounded, positive and productive?


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