What’s the vibe?..


This was a weekend where I had a lot of errands to run!  From Saturday Morning at 6 am to Sunday evening at 6 pm, its safe to say things have been non stop for me.  Something I can say that really helped with my productivity this weekend, was J Cole’s KOD  album.

All the people that know me well can attest that I am a huge fan of hip hop.  This album isn’t your typical lets “get wasted” party album.

The content of the album is about real life issues, that real life people go through.  It touches on anxiety and addiction, as well as heartache and the need “not to fit in”.

Overall, this album was so good it stayed on repeat this whole weekend, and is currently on as I write this post!

If you’re a fan of hip hop, and want to hear material that will actually make you feel something besides just “lit”, you definitely should check out Cole’s new piece!


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