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Let’s talk about summer ..summer…summer…time! Okay so we still have some time before it is officially summer and the weather as of late has us pretty confused if it’s spring or winter (at least where I am located).

With that being said, I decided I would begin to bring out a few of my summer faves to begin to get me into the spirit.

Below are a few items that help bring the sunshine into my life.

1- Lipstick-  I think all us girls can agree a nice lip will bring out another side of us, that we didn’t even know was there.  A bold lip can make or break an outfit, or even a day!  In the warmer seasons of the year I love to wear bright colors such as pink and orange, of course my neutrals and nudes are always a hit, and lets not forget  about keeping it sexy in red and burgundy colors.

2- Mac “Studio Fix” Fluid Foundation-  Okay, let’s talk about coverage.  Some may disagree but this foundation by far is one of the best out.  The coverage that the product gives is remarkable and gives your skin a very smooth look.  Even on warmer days, I can use the product and not feel like I have on 10 extra layers of skin on!  The price also isn’t bad, costing just around $30.00!

3- Elf “Illuminating” Face Primer- On days where the sun is big and bright, I love for my skin to match.  On these days I tend to use my illuminating primer, under my foundation.  Once applied, this product gives your face a glow and shimmer, you would think one would have to be born with to have!  This product also is super affordable; costing a humble $6.00 at most of your local pharmacies.

4- Wet N Wild “MegaGlo Dual- ended” contour stick- Who doesn’t love a good contour?  I mean isn’t contouring a major part of a “beat” face?  This little baby can cost you $4.68 at your local pharmacy, and is pretty amazing!  It even provides you a little help, telling you which parts of your face should be light, and which should be darker.

5- Sunglasses-  We really can’t discuss warmer weather without discussing sunglasses.  I personally feel my look isn’t complete without a trendy set of shades, on a beautiful hot and sunny day.

And there you have it!  Those are just a few products that help me to feel summertime fine!

What products do the same, for you guys??



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