The Three A’s…

Happy Friday Beautiful People!! We have made it (or just about)….. to the weekend!!!

Those that have been following me thus far know I have previously spoken about the importance of “positive affirmations” as well as “timing” in one’s life.  Though both are very important, it is also just as important to develop a healthy and positive way of thinking; you have to change your mindset!

Changing one’s mind-set can be a challenge.  Let’s face it, as we get older in age, life continues to happen.  Responsibilities that we never had before, begin to step into our lives and disrupt all that we know.  Society tells us that our lives should follow a specific timeline, and if ours by chance doesn’t, we have failed in some type of way!

And let’s not forget “Pop Culture”.  The Pop Culture that we love to hate, tells us that our life should be filled with material things and luxury that let’s face it, the average working individual may not be able to afford.

So how do we change our mindset, release all of the things above, and replenish it, with more of a realistic way of thinking and living?

I believe it begins with the three A’sAcknowledgement, Acceptance, and Action.  

I believe basic problem solving begins with first, acknowledging what the problem is.   I know for me my problem was always “the timeline”.  Society says my timeline should be this, but my life is saying my timeline should be that.

The second thing after acknowledging what the issue is, would be acceptance of where you’re actually at.  I always thought after high school I would go away to college, live on campus in a dorm, join a sorority, meet the love of my life and get married by 25.

Life on the other hand said, after college I would get a job at a gym, working as a receptionist and would attend my local community college,  just a few blocks away from where I worked.  Talk about a big difference!

I had to first acknowledge that my life wasn’t happening in the way I expected, I had to secondly accept where I actually was at, and thirdly, I had to become okay with the path my life was actually going down.  Once I was able to do that, I was able to implement that last A,  which is Action.

Taking action can always be the difficult part of one’s journey.  We can acknowledge things, become tolerable, and even sometimes accept things.  Actually taking action, however, to change the things we may want to, can be the biggest issue of them all.

We have fears, we have comfort zones, we have phobias, we have anxieties, etc.  We have a list of conditions and concerns, when it comes time to take action and bring forth change; especially change that goes against all that we have been conditioned to believe.

I know for me, as a child I was told that I should be in the medical field or I should become a teacher.   For the most part my family, profession wise, was split between the two.   Then one day in my twenties, while I was attending college I realized that I wasn’t a big fan of science and I didn’t particularly want to teach either.

I already was somewhat disappointed about not going away to college and then the career that I had been studying for in school, I realized, wasn’t  a career that I actually wanted to pursue.

Now here I was in my mid twenties, not married, not sure what I wanted to do, not sure who “the love of my life” was, and not sure if I was even on the path right for me.  I became discouraged, and I thought I was failing because my pace in some areas of my life, was going slower than some of my peers.

But one day I really had to sit myself down, and really acknowledge that my life was going differently than I anticipated, accept it, and really form a “plan of action”, as to how I was going to embrace the path I was on, make the best of it, while discovering what my actual purpose was.

I decided I no longer would focus on what “wasn’t going right”,  but instead, would focus on what was.  I also decided that I would take the time to figure out the things that made me happy, and “sparked the fire” that was inside of me.

I made bucket lists, that were compiled of  all the things I wanted to pursue, and I would put time limits next to each thing, not because I was in a race, but as away to keep myself on track and hold myself accountable.

After awhile, I found myself so focused on making my life complete and living my life to its fullest, that I didn’t have time to focus on what some may consider “the negatives”.

Overall, changing one’s mindset and actually looking at the glass half full vs half empty, is a process that will require YOU to do the WORK.  Constantly speaking positivity into your life, and pushing yourself to be the best you, will leave no room for you to focus on “what’s not” because you will be so busy attempting to perfect “what is”.

The work starts with you beauties, and you have to begin to embrace and believe you are exactly where you are supposed to be!! 🙂


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