Weekend Vibes…

Happy Sunday Beautiful People!! I hope everyone has had a great weekend thus far and is getting geared up for their work week!!

This particular weekend I decided to embark on another one of my “DIY” projects, and I decided to apply “cluster” eyelashes”.

False eyelashes have become a major hit within the past few years.  Just like other forms of enhancements that are widely popularized now (hair extensions, body enhancements, etc), fake eyelashes or “falsies”  used to have a negative reputation because they are of course, “fake”.  Now, however they are widely embraced, with there being multiple eyelash companies providing different forms of lashes with several different ways to apply them.

I have always been a big fan of strip lashes, especially for special occasions, or when I am going out.  But what about if you want an enhanced look on a daily basis, and don’t feel like putting on lashes every time you go out.  I believe cluster lashes are an amazing fix to your dilemma.

Cluster lashes are typically 3-5 strands of eyelash hair (typically synthetic) that come together into a small ball or knot.  If you go to your local nail salon (depending on your location) you will find that they will offer the cluster lash service from anywhere between $20.00 to $50.00.

This particular weekend however, I said let me research a little bit, and then give it a try.


I first, went to my local beauty supply store, and picked up two packs of lashes.  I decided that I wanted some what of a natural look, so I choose the short and mediums lengths, and decided that I would mix them together.  Both packs were $1.99/each.  I also made sure I picked up lash glue.  The lash glue I chose was $3.99 and it came in colors clear and black.  I chose to get the clear color, but after applying my lashes, I definitely should have went with black.

As seen above I also made sure I had a tweezer to help aid in applying the lash and dipping it into the glue, which I poured into a water bottle cap.  The tweezer allowed me to easily pick up the lash, dip the knot into the glue and then apply it to my lash line.

When applying the lashes it is very crucial that you have a good mirror that allows you to see up close what you are doing (you definitely don’t want glue in your eyes!).

The little baby that helped me out a great deal is my Absolutely Lush Vanity Mirror.

As seen above the mirror has adjustable LED lighting and allows you to view yourself at different angles.  The different views and angles  were especially a big help when I was applying the medium length lashes at the end of my lash line, to give myself a “cat eye” look.

Overall, it took me about 40-45 minutes to apply the lashes and get them to look a way that I was comfortable with.  It took longer than I anticipated, but for my first time and $8.00 spent, I have to pat myself on the back and say well done!

I definitely would recommend the “cluster” lashes to all my ladies that like to “glam it out” on a daily.

**Please keep in mind I am not a professional and there definitely is a risk in applying the lashes.  Please make sure you do your research and maybe even speak to a licensed professional before you give it a try yourself.

Happy Sunday again, and I am sending positive vibes your way for this upcoming work week!!




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