The Power in Timing….

Since I was a young girl, I can remember hearing from many different sources how important “timing” is.  The right idea at the wrong time, can be considered a bad situation.  The right guy at the wrong time, can be considered a bad relationship.  Pursuit of a dream or goal at the wrong time, can easily become a failure.

Time is a constant factor that is always changing.  In all the scenarios I mentioned above, time is the constant and consistent factor that determines every outcome.

With all of that being said, I’m sure we all can agree that when we want to achieve or accomplish something, we do not want to wait!!

We crave that instant satisfaction.  That “right away”.  And when we don’t get that, it can lead to disappointment or even worst; complete abandonment of the very thing we were trying to achieve.

So the question is then, since we know the importance and power in timing, how do we become okay with the “waiting period”?  How do we change our mindset and the not so pleasant viewpoint we have about waiting?

One way that definitely helped me, is the use of  POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS!

As I continue to grow into my womanhood, I realize there is a lot of power in words.  Every morning when I get up I tell myself “You were born to win”.  I have a few others that I often use, but that phrase is said every day.  The more and more I say it, the more and more I believe it!  This definitely helps when I am trying to achieve certain things that only time can bring ( workout results, relationships, mastering a hobby, career goals, etc).

I believe when you change your mindset and truly believe you can conquer all things, it won’t matter as much to you the time it took to win, if the end result is the same.

If I believe I will master what I put my mind to, it helps me to also believe that the “time” it takes for me to master that goal, is just as important as “the goal” .

Time is ultimately just the “cocoon” that is there to perfect, mold, prepare, and beautify your “butterfly”.




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