Beauty Essentials…


I know every girl for the most part has her go to beauty products/accessories and has her own beauty routine.  Below are a list of my faves that I use on a daily basis.


1- A Handheld Mirror–  Some may call it vain, but I think every woman should have a handheld mirror.  It is very important that we speak positive affirmations into our own lives and motivate/encourage ourselves (if you don’t believe in you..who will?).  Every morning as soon as I get up, before I begin to get ready I pick up my mirror and speak nothing but positive phrases and things to myself; as I look straight into the mirror at my own reflection.  The handled mirror also helps me out when I am combing the back of my hair, tweezing my eyebrows, or applying makeup.

2-Miss Dior- Miss Dior by Christian Dior, has to be one of my favorite, if not favorite, fragrances.  Not only is it long lasting, but it isn’t a scent that is “loud” or “obnoxious”; but “soft” and “light”.

3-Noxzema- Lets be honest for a brief minute.  How many women can relate to the epidemic known as “adult acne”?  Yes, I said it-ACNE!  Growing up they always talked about acne in your teenage years, but what about the acne that creeps up on you in your twenties, let alone, thirties!  I know I can’t be the only one that is experiencing this annoying issue.  One product that has been helping me out a lot is Noxzema; especially the one that focuses on blemish control.  I use the face wash and accompany it with the anti-blemish cleansing pads.  The combination of both products have really helped minimize my breakouts as well as lighten the blemishes I already had from previous ones.

4- Black Eyeliner- Like homes have statement pieces, black eyeliner is the “statement piece” for a woman’s face. For the most part, I will use black liner ( no specific brand), mascara and a nice lip and I am set!  I love lip colors predominately in the red/burgundy family.  Of course we can’t forget the nudes as well; lip color that is!


5- Andmetrics Brow Wax Strips- I am so in love with these brow strips.  I am very much a “DIY” type of girl, and love looking up different tutorials on YouTube. I decided to wax my own eyebrows and tweeze them and I ran across these babies at Walmart.  Talk about best kept secret.

And there you have it!  Again, those are just a few of my faves.  What do you guys like to use?


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