Weekend Vibes….


I think it’s safe to say that working a 9 to 5 schedule during the week can be pretty exhausting and leaves no room for “me time”.  When the weekend finally comes after a long work week I try to make it a priority to take some time for myself.

Whether it’s getting my hair done, getting a much needed mani/pedi, enjoying some always needed retail therapy or just vibing out at home to some music or binge watching a Netflix series (you get the point).  “Me time” is crucial to maintaining proper work/life balance and also is important when you are trying to maintain “positive chi” or energy.

With that being said I decided to stay in and get some much needed housework done, and listen to some new music.  My artist of choice this bright Saturday is Tink and I have to say I am stuck and in love with her new ep  Pain and Pleasure.

Though it only has 6 songs, the ep’s mixture of smooth R&B combined with her amazing lyricism, makes this body of work a real treat on a mellow Saturday.




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